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A Bathing Ritual for the Full Moon in Cancer
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How are you impacting all that supports you?

His survival may seem dependent on everyone conforming to his ideas which may include hierarchy, domination, or playing by his rules. Pay attention to any ways the Devil contributes or collapses into the abuse of power. He may need to look for ways to be true to himself instead of requiring the obedience of others.

scorpio life coaching

Games Systems, Inc. Heavy rocks were used to crush women to death…. Perhaps she is too aware of material concerns, to the exclusion of her spirit or feelings… or this card frequently indicates internalized oppression, whereby we oppress ourselves by believing untruths passed on to us that become internalized ,and manifest as negative feeling of self-doubt.

The Temples Guardian is a wisdom being from the Tibetan tradition.

Astrology horoscope spiritual Tarot Womens rituals Moon cycles

He protects the hidden truth that we are not separate from any aspect of experience. His frightening appearance mirrors our unloved, unforgiven aspects of self. Yet if we can look into our fears, and allow ourselves to recognize and open to the powerful feelings of old anger, sadness and pain that they may conceal, this Guardian is a liberating ally. He holds up a dorje diamond scepter symbolizing awakened mind, and stands on a sun, moon and lotus representing the shining center of consciousness within all beings. His wisdom flames consume imaginary limitations and unhelpful old patterns of behavior.

He is a guide into the realm of disowned aspects of the self. He assists us to let go into spaciousness with our vulnerability and loving heart. In reality, we are sacred and powerful beings, with the power to heal and transform habits that bring us suffering.

Letting go of story, gently be with your feelings, taking responsibility for them as your own.


Breathe into your feelings in this moment, without blaming yourself or others. Allow your energy to release into the freedom of the present. Recognize, in any judgment of others, the mirror of unresolved personal pain from the past.

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Look into it, as it is the way to peace and freedom. We are both Capricorns, so it is only fitting that we begin working together with this card that is ruled by the sign of Capricorn under the tutelage of the planet, Saturn. May it be so—Blessed Be! Continue Reading. All Rights Reserved. Powered by Shopify. Tarot Forum. What the Devil. The Tower card traditionally focuses on.


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July 16 is a full Moon eclipse in Capricorn. Earth sign Capricorn rules the 10th house of career, wealth, and status in society. What is hidden can come to light during an eclipse, so time to organize finances, especially before Metal Rat year that will be focused on money, both personal and global finance. Contact me to find where this Capricorn eclipse is in your birth chart with your six month astrology forecast.

The Sun and Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces is a positive influence for relationships to temper Moon conjunct Saturn seriousness, and eclipse with Pluto emotional intensity. Compassion an d tenderness are very valued during this Sheep month.