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As we look up to the sky so high we correlate our lives with the night as we calmly lie each night Serpentarius we try. The eagle made his way to strike him down and end his days pluto wielding a great bolt of thunder he tried to raise the dead healing sick with serpent hands robbing hell of its due souls heading under.

As we live our separate lives no ties the universe survives spanning time as we calmly lie each night Serpentarius we die to find the light. I wonder what the great astrologist Linda Goodman would think about these changes Posted by: famleegrl January 14, AM Report abuse. I wonder what the great astrologist Linda Goodman would say about these changes her books are so right on for me I cannot now suddenly be a pisces I wonder if the new changes are made for people born from Jan 13 moving forward and all the rest of us stay the same?

Funny, they never explain why their method is any more scientific. Ultimately, it's about the insecurity of some people to seek out and pay for comforting generalities dressed up as specifics and to endorse them as uniquely revealing. As someone I think it was either Mark Twain or Barnum said of quack medicine: the only bigger liars than the purveyors are the patients.

Apart from the issue of astrology's validity, the difference between tropical and sidereal astrology systems is well-known, has been around for quite a while, and the basis for each was fully explained by starjack. Posted by: blacksabbathfan January 14, AM Report abuse. Posted by: ishan January 14, AM Report abuse. Seriously people, if you really believe that big balls of gas, many light years apart but sharing the roughly same line of sight from Earth, influence your daily life You may as well line up some coffee cans to make a pretty pattern - you'll have the same chances of winning the Lottery or finding your one true love.

Posted by: qprmeteor January 14, AM Report abuse. I'm an Aries! I can't change at this point! Posted by: cococo January 14, AM Report abuse. Thank you Melissa Bell for shedding light on the age old battle between scientists or astronomers verses modern day prophets or Astrologers. Posted by: tae3 January 14, AM Report abuse. But, if you really believe in this stuff, then you MUST change your sign!

The comment that you your born under a sign is incorrect. You were born under the wrong sign. It's wrong. But people didn't know it was wrong. It needs to be corrected.

Astrology for News Junkies

We change it because it is better, more accurate information. I go from Leo to Cancer, I guess. I am interested in seeing if this really has any impact in the media. I noticed that the Washington Post didn't change their Horoscope calendar Posted by: wswail January 14, AM Report abuse. Looking over the new Zodiac signs each month ends and begins on the same day, so if you are born on any of these 13 days which sign would you fall under, or do you just get to choose. Posted by: jeffreyroten January 14, AM Report abuse.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Posted by: meredithc January 14, AM Report abuse. I read and re-read this, wasting time wondering what the author meant. Also, no mention of the major influence of the SUN'S electro-magneticism disintegration or decay over time. Remember, annual zodiac is better. Posted by: mgallo2 January 14, AM Report abuse. Astrology is nothing but smoke and mirrors. I could scramble the descriptions and horoscopes attributed to each zodiac sign and people would still think they were correct.

Hell, birth order has a greater effect on personality than what month you were born in! Posted by: mhoust January 14, AM Report abuse. There's more influence upon you from the refrigerator magnets in your neighbor's neighbor's house than any distant planet or star. And those magnets don't influence you at all. The true physics of how the planets and stars move through space contain more wonder and more truth and the fantasy of astrology.

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Posted by: nonsensical January 14, AM Report abuse. If the shift in signs that has been correct for thousands of years, then what is the stars telling a person who was born on Dec. Using the new age old way of that daily insight.

The Chinese Calendar

Person being born under Ophiuchus? Posted by: orions8 January 14, AM Report abuse. Astrology is based upon fantasy, caprice or whimsical notions. It removes the need of free-will, and allows an external element to decide our life course and fate. People naturally enjoy hearing good things about themselves or auspicious predictions. Astrology is intriguing and motivates people through the powers of positive or negative suggestion -- powerful, under-estimated, psychological drivers.

What astrologers ought to do is this, write a daily horoscope using the way they have done for years. Then write one using the new way, that way people can decide on their own which sign is really theirs. People will find something interesting by reading the signs then, because a certain sign will fall in place then. What do you think? Posted by: sammy18 January 14, AM Report abuse.

I don't know about this article. It's a bit perplexing to me but there is an article I read that actually states that the changes in constellations that change the zodiac signs only apply to those who live in the East, not West. The West goes by a tropical zodiac; thus, your sign has NOT changed. When I was in college I had a prof who studied people's reaction to astrology. One of the experiments he did was to collect information from students-some were asked to give just birthdate, some date and location, some also time of birth.

The next day everybody was given "their" horoscope and asked to rate how much they believed it. The more information they had given the higher rate of belief. Thing was-everybody was given the exact same thing. What we believe is so affected by what we bring to it. Posted by: eslteach January 14, PM Report abuse.

The doctor delivering you had more gravitational effect on you than Venus or Mars did on the date of your birth. I ususally do not reply to this type of posting. For example, Capricorn begins on Jan.

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So I guess people born on Jan 20 are both Capricorn and Sagittarius. Another example, Feb. So I guess if your birthdate is Feb. Aren't they lucky? Posted by: rdw January 14, PM Report abuse.

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Posted by: presto January 14, PM Report abuse. The folks who rail against astrology are so narrow-minded. Their objection seems to be that planetary or stellar influence on humans is not "scientific", so that automatically makes it bunk. But observe: years ago, anyone who claimed television or radio were possible would have gotten the same reactionary condemnation.

It wasn't until the s that science could explain what made the sun shine. And science still can't explain a great many processes, but those processes go merrily on their way without science's blessing. I can't tell you in scientific terms how astrology works; I can only tell you that I have seen it work, over and over. I began as an extreme skeptic and came to be convinced when I saw how consistently it works. I'd be willing to bet that the people condemning, and scoffing at, astrology, have never actually investigated it to see for themselves that it works.

In an earlier time, they were no doubt the ones that burned witches. And they call astrology superstition? The funny part is, the sarcastic scoffers are probably Scorpio, the arrogant ones are Leo, the stoned ones are Pisces, and so forth. It works whether you personally "believe" in it or not, just like chemistry, geometry , philosophy, or any other long-standing system of study.

Attacking others for their preferred way of looking at the Universe seems so, I don't know, Islamic extremist? Is that really how you wish to be perceived? Posted by: nitemare January 14, PM Report abuse. Posted by: jgaskins1 January 14, PM Report abuse. What's also interesting is that I live in Florida and for years I've been telling people that the Winter cold doesn't hit til about mid Jan and that they should move the months back to line it up.

Could this mean we are going to see an extra month in our Year?!?!?! Since I thought of it do I get to name it?!?! For example, astrology does not negate free will, but rather reveals a disposition.

This is analogous to human genetics; we may be predisposed to develop heart disease, but it doesn't mean we definitely will. The other ignorance about astrology being shown here is that our "sign" is the only element in astrology, when in actuality there are many more the planets and various other celestial points. This is why the daily horoscope is the astrological equivalent of professional wrestling. As for the physical basis for astrology, to say we don't know what it is does not equate to there being none.

At one time, humans didn't understand gravity or solar radiation, but they were nonetheless valid forces in the universe. Ok, simple. This does not affect the horoscope we tend to use most in the US. So your sign didn't change. However, if you must include Ophiuchus, you should also account for the for the fact that libra didn't exist until julias ceasar.

Meaning that there have always been 12 living things represented on the horoscope, not Have fun, and remember this does not change your horoscope. Only An Astronomical version of the horoscopes. Have fun! Posted by: nyvissa January 14, PM Report abuse.

Daily Horoscope February 14, 2019 for Zodiac Signs

This is so funny. But it doesn't change anything. The people who annoy you, still annoy you. They just have a different name. You just don't get along. As for our self view, oh how wonderful we get to box ourselves into another set of rigid structures! If i get to be a Capricorn now instead of Aquarius, I am thrilled!

I am tired of being the doormat! I decided that for myself anyway!!!! Why did I ever buy into any of it in the first place is the real question. Freshman Taleah Washington has a the potential to help run the SU offense this season. Chris and Rich Robinson will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut album. Everything Dino Babers said about the decision to make a change at defensive coordinator.

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