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Jupiter, planet of good fortune will enter Aquarius January 5 to begin its year-long tour of your solar twelfth house. Placed here, it functions as a sort of Guardian Angel, watching over you and protecting you. But Jupiter here has the reputation for coming to the rescue at the eleventh hour to save the day and often at the least expected moment. Listen to your intuition especially in career matters, where you may benefit from hidden support. Unfortunately, the opposite could also be true because Jupiter will join forces with illusive Neptune in May and December. So be cautious about what you say to whom.

Pisces Horoscope

Someone who appears to be a supporter may actually try to undermine your position. Yet this Jupiter-Neptune union will also boost your sixth sense and encourage you to explore your spirituality. It will certainly touch your compassionate soul and inspire you to help others.


Again, caution will be necessary because some people will try. Be selective and help people help themselves rather than give them a handout.

Taurus Love & Relationship Horoscope 12222:

Pluto will continue its journey through Capricorn, which it entered last year. Placed in your solar eleventh house, this tiny but powerful planet will impact your friendships during the next fifteen years.

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Otherwise your passion for your mission could become all-consuming. You are faced with the need to learn something and then share that information with others. You could be starting to learn a new skill and the time will come where you have to show someone else that you learned the material. If you need to ask for suggestions, don't be shy or afraid to open yourself up. It's more than the right time to seek advice from a trusted advisor.

You may be helping others at this time and sensing feminine energy is what's needed to help things to improve. You will be asked to take on a leadership role and to participate in an activity where you are required to show the way. A new opportunity comes along and you find yourself in a good position to help yourself and others.

Pisces 2020 Horoscope

You can face any challenge and have the resources you need to overcome the situation. You may feel a sense of isolation when faced with a problem but the reason you aren't finding what you think you need is that the answer you are looking for is within. What you fear isn't an actual reality but a situation that comes from your past. You overcame a difficult time and now it's okay to let go of what you worry about the most.

Chances are the past won't come back to haunt your future.

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  • Fear not! The gig is yours, if you believe in yourself more. Your analytical heart is always exploring taboos within relationships. Opening up your current relationship to sexual experimentation might satisfy any untouched desires. Freeing your mind and embracing your new sexy vibe can be exciting and exhilarating, as long as the rules of the relationship are on your terms.

    Your on-and-off-again relationship is now on again for the moment. However, you and your boo might be spending time discussing and rehashing the past during the next several months. Your relationship may last this time around. Fingers crossed! Your adventures can wait. A former flame zombies you out of the blue and tries to ignite the spark between you both.